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Talvi 2016-2017

Puoli päivää paikallisen kanssa lentokentältä, joulukuu 2016:

"We were in Helsinki for 6 hours due to connecting flights and we had to book a local to show us around. We booked Liisa for 4 hours and I think we made the best possible decision. She met our group in the airport and we took the train to the city. She was easy going, a lot of fun to spend time with. We tried a few Finnish food samples, went to the Christmas Market and even had a beer tasting from a local microbrewery as she knew we liked beer!

All four of us in the group really enjoyed our time together with her. I knew this was going to be an excellent experience for us from the very start - Liisa handled all emails promptly and professionally."


Syksy 2016

Stopover Special, lokakuu 2016

"Liisa was an awesome help on our trip to Helsinki. She was waiting at the airport and helped navigate to our hotel downtown. Then a quick tour and a local restaurant. The next day she provided info on the tour of what it was like during WWII which was very nice as my son loves all the history. Liisa went above and beyond as far as I am concerned making sure that we had all the information to continue on our trip even though I only employed her for a day and a half. She suggested where to go the next couple of days, made sure we knew where to stow our luggage, where to catch a ride back to the airport and was extremely easy to get along with. Most important she was easy to contact with questions."


Päivä paikallisen kanssa hotelliaulasta, syyskuu 2016

This was the perfect tour to orient us to Helsinki on our first day it the city. Liisa provides great service before the tour by ensuring she understands your interests, during the tour by adjusting to your preferences, and after the tour by providing additional tips and information that came up during the tour. One of our best city tour experiences. Great tour and great guide.


Kesä 2016

Puoli päivää paikallisen kanssa satamasta, elokuu 2016

"A day with a local was a real find and was just so enjoyable! We booked a half day tour and Liisa was so organised and efficient. Her web site was very clear and what was great was her very clear pricing structure. I had contacted another guide who would not give me a price until after I gave him my cruise line and the price was ridiculously high when after several e mails he eventually quoted.

Liisa was also fine if we wanted to invite other guests to share the cost but I must say it was great for the 2 of us to have Liisa to ourselves to have a really good chat. ---"


Stopover Special, elokuu 2016

"Liisa is a fantastic tour guide and we had an amazing time In Helsinki thanks to her - she's a lovely, fun person to spend time with but is also efficient, organised, helpful, very knowledgeable and was willing to answer all my increasingly bizarre questions abut Helsinki and Finland.

We booked the Stopover Special (the different tours and costs involved are clearly laid out on the Day With A Local website) and Liisa went to great lengths to tailor the tour to suit our family group of six people of different ages, stages and interests (and with various food allergies). She also gave us lots of ideas and suggestions for places to go and things to do after our tour ended. Just perfect!!!"


Päivä paikallisen kanssa satamasta, heinäkuu 2016

"Our guide was Tom. He was great. We got to do some really interesting things. It was nice to be able to customize our own agenda. I would highly recommend this company."


Päivä paikallisen kanssa satamasta, kesäkuu 2016

"Liisa is an expert at showing off Helsinki. She has great pacing and knows when you might need a rest, a restroom, and takes the time to explain things where everyone in the group can hear and ask questions. We had a group of 9 family members and she brought another guide along so everyone would be able to ask questions. She tailored the trip to our
interests (design, architecture) and we were even able to stop into a few shops we noticed along our route. Everyone really enjoyed spending the day with Liisa, and you can tell she is passionate about Helsinki and Finland. She is a great representation of the vibrancy, independence, hard-working and creative nature of Finnish people."


Päivä paikallisen kanssa satamasta, kesäkuu 2016

"We had a very nice day with Liisa while our tour boat was in Helsinki and she adjusted the tour on the spot based on our conversations. It was a very enjoyable day."


Talvi 2015-2016

Puoli päivää paikallisen kanssa lentokentältä maaliskuussa 2016

"We had a fantastic time with Susanna yesterday"


New Year With A Local, vuodenvaihde 2015-2016

"Liisa went above and beyond in so many ways, she researched all types of events for us based on each of our 9 travelers and took care of us as though she were a mother - caring for the safety of our kids, counting us at every turn, trying to find unique and interesting things for us to do. We went to many of the normal sites, but she also helped us to youth championship ice hockey game, new years celebrations, even fun cooking with local families and being coached through local traditions at our request. She emailed us research and answers to questions we had and made herself very available to us. We are world travelers and had a very diverse group of 9 with many different ages. We recommend Liisa whole-heartedley and know she has a very successful career ahead of her. She is diligent, trustworthy, thorough, and incredibly caring. We hired her for multiple days of travel, and we never would have found our way without her. she took care of our restaurant reservations, printed out instructions for us to use tram stops, etc. I could go on and on. She patiently took photos for us, held purchases, gave insights on culture, just all around was incredible!!"


Syksy 2015

Stopover Special, joulukuu 2015

"Thank you again for continued hospitality."


Stopover Special, syyskuu 2015

"Thank You so very much!!! You were fantastic, both your knowledge & disposition!! Your disposition - voice & calmness, etc, perfect for a wide range of clients!"


Kesä 2015

Päivä paikallisen kanssa, kesäkuu 2015

"We had the pleasure of spending the day with Liisa, aka your Helsinki local, for the Midsummer eve festivities yesterday in town. She met us in our hotel lobby with a big smile and immediately gifted us with these very thoughtful travel bracelets, we already felt like fast friends.

She explained what we would be doing for the day and no detail was spared, I appreciated how she always asked us if walking x distance was ok and offered use of her wifi hotspot. (I'm a writer so this was brilliant).

The day was simply fantastic, we got to see the traditional bonfire on an island off Helsinki where we also had dinner (a beautiful grilled salmon with new potatoes) and Liisa was quick to provide valuable info on the history of this famous festival and points on Helsinki and the islands. She is such a wonderful person to be around, her energy is contagious.

I definitely don't think we would have gotten the same experience out of our day in Helsinki without her, she was able to navigate the transportion/reservations with ease and gave us all sort of valuable insight on local culture. I've been on many guided tours but this was more like being with a good friend, who wants to show you what they live about the city where they live.

We stayed with her until the wee hours and she even took the time to show us an incredible sunset at 2:30 am on a hidden area of Helsinki bay by the train station which was magical.

She followed up with tips and a website she mentioned she would let us know about. I would be happy to recommend her to anyone and everyone, she made our midsummer or 'juhunnus' experience once in a lifetime!"

TripAdvisorissa, Yelpissä ja Facebookissa

Retki tanssilavalle, kesäkuu 2015

"I had an intriguing trip to a traditional Finnish Social Dancing (lavatanssi) event with Liisa. So much fun! Liisa was a kind and caring guide who shared a bunch of information about this dance form she dearly loves. For a first timer the evening was an exciting and encouraging experience that made me want to learn more about this culture. It certainly won't be the last time dancing! I warmly recommend Liisa's down-to-earth guided trips. "


Kevät 2015

Sota-ajan muistot, toukokuu 2015

"thanks, Liisa for the excellent guiding and the further information"


Puoli päivää paikallisen kanssa, huhtikuu 2015

"Thank you Liisa for the afternoon which you guided us through Helsinki. It was nice to go around with you in the city and get aware of many details about this lovely city, which was somehow locked to our awareness. How the city differs, when a loved one of the city, a local one, with you words, opens for you the access! So many times I had passed in front of one of the urban blocks, and had not seen the signs that the blocks have some animal names, like the block of elephant or the block of giraffe... One can be somehow blind, when some small detail information is lacking, and such a pity that one cannot really know, and so, not understand and love a city. Thanks for helping us through. Ninel"


Puoli päivää paikallisen kanssa, huhtikuu 2015

"Thanks a lot for showing me really interesting places of that lovely city and especially for telling me part of its history.

I really enjoyed, seriously, one of the best tours I have ever done.

Kiitos!!! :D"